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We are passionate about professionalism, attention to detail and the ability to anticipate and mitigate problems. Our sole aim is to support your protection, growth and prosperity.

Through partnerships we have developed over the years, Saepio are able to service clients in over a 140 countries worldwide. We are tenacious on our clients behalf to ensure that cover is placed to perfection, through Lloyd’s of London and A­+ rated global insurers.

We are proud to be the insurance broker of choice for many international clients ranging from UK based businesses with international presence, private clients, government organisations and overseas corporations.

Global Expertise

As globalisation continues, multinationals pursuing business opportunities in developed economies and emerging markets face the increasingly difficult task of identifying and managing their insurance risks across multiple jurisdictions. The challenge for these businesses is to balance the prerogative for a coherent and cost effective insurance programme, with the need to ensure compliance under local tax and regulatory regimes.

Saepio provide expert international insurance and risk management advice to established multinational organisations and to those companies seeking to expand into new territories. Our clients see us as partners rather than advisors, enabling us to understand their businesses, wherever they are in the world. This in turn ensures that the insurance programmes we arrange combine the necessary levels of central control with the appropriate amount of local flexibility.

Global Network

Through a partnership network across the globe, we specialise in designing, negotiating and placing multinational risk programmes. With the majority of our global clients requiring cross-border broking and servicing, we understand the need to provide a consistent level of service and accountability across their organisations, wherever they are based in the world.

All our international partners are chosen for their local knowledge, proven track record of quality service delivery, and ability to meet the needs of our global clients. The key to our success continues to be the close working relationships we enjoy with our overseas colleagues, and the confidence we have in their ability to take responsibility for their local relationships and service levels.

Global Service

The structure of any global insurance and risk management programme can be complex and requires a detailed understanding of the risks associated with each territory.

Saepio incorporates a number of key elements within its service proposition, allowing businesses to ensure that they have a programme in place that comprehensively meets their global requirements:

  • A centralised insurance, risk management and claims team, experienced in handling global insurance programmes, who will visit overseas locations and build a detailed understanding of the business and a close working relationship with each operating division
  • Local teams with the expertise to combine sound commercial advice with in-depth knowledge of the legal environment and regulatory constraints, ensuring that our clients benefit from a tailored approach to their exposures throughout the world
  • Comprehensive insurance registers, which clearly outline the structure of the insurance programme for each territory, highlighting the combinations of local policy coverage, limits and deductibles, and how these dovetail with ‘umbrella’ policies providing overall group protection
  • An approach to risk management that enables businesses to manage their exposures effectively through a combination of local support and advice, and the sharing of central ‘best practice’ across the organisation, supported by regular reviews and regulatory updates
  • Claims handling procedures that address the need for local claims administration in relation to minor losses, with the involvement of a dedicated major loss advisor responsible for managing significant and/or complex claims throughout the organisation
  • A robust communication framework which combines the core elements of the centralised and local team knowledge, programme coverage, risk management and claims handling expertise, and ensures that businesses are kept fully up to date with all aspects of their global programme

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